Wednesday, July 17, 2013

About Moncton Anti-Fracking

Moncton Anti-Fracking is a group dedicated to stopping shale extraction (“fracking”) in New Brunswick.

We aim to:

Participate in all rallies, protests and other actions against fracking companies in New Brunswick;

Educate residents in the greater Moncton area of the dangers of fracking;

Facilitate residents in the area to safely attend protest events through civil disobedience training, communications and transportation.

The province’s rush into the rash adventure of fracking puts our environment, our food supply and our health at risk. We encourage all people to resist. You can oppose fracking in many ways that do not put you at any risk to your safety. You can attend protests without breaking any laws. Moncton Anti-Fracking supports all peaceful means of protesting fracking.

Since Wednesday, June 5, there have been daily protests in Kent County against the seismic survey testing on highway 126. This could continue all summer and we would like to have a Moncton contingent at every one of these if possible.

Exercise the ultimate right of direct democracy, it is an experience you will never forget. If you are interested in joining the resistance, email us at

Please donate to Moncton Anti-Fracking so we can continue to oppose fracking and promote a clean environment for New Brunswick.